Monday, 9 February 2015

Herald-ing A Wee Stooshie

Not that EVEL you pilchard!

It's a bit bewildering to me how so many English Westminster MP's are getting their knickers ever so EVEL-y twisted at the moment. {Cynical opportunism aside} Every time there's a hint of Scots MP's making nasty votes that might interfere with the assumed integrity of  English laws they take a right hump. Almost certainly they have SNP targets foremost in their sights but also any other Scots MP's too, regardless of party or how they might vote. Only what they might vote on seems to be exercising their delicate democratic principles. Righteous indignation is the order of the day.

Another wee plank  was tossed on the fire the other day when oor ain wee Furst Meenister, Nicola Sturgeon dared to state that Scots MP's would vote on English matters when there was a direct implication for Scotland. {As described in the Herald on Sunday} Angst and outrage is again loudly proclaimed to all and sundry, well any mainstream media sources that can be reached which given this is London is more than a few. "Those awful Scots Nats are going to vote on English Laws. It's not fair. It's not right and we don't like it! We're going to sort this out ONCE AND FOR ALL! Scots MP's should not vote on matters that relate to England only. ENGLISH VOTES FOR ENGLISH LAWS!"

So the lines are laid for a nice wee stooshie!

English MP's want to be seen as sticking up for England and protecting them against Scots who are a drain on resources by their unjustified demands. After all English MP's can't vote on matters in Scotland can they?

Hmm. Let me think about that for a second.

No, no - it's rubbish.

We are a united kingdom. This has been confirmed by referendum. The constituent parts of that united kingdom select representatives to sit in the UK parliament to represent the interests of their constituents {although admittedly that's stretching it a bit far - represent the interests of their political party would be the current state of play.} Part of that representation is a right, if not a duty, to vote on any and all legislation put forward within that parliament. Certainly Scotland has a devolved parliament of our own, which is responsible for legislating and implementing on a range of devolved powers. These powers are limited and have been devolved by the consent of the UK Parliament. The people who vote on devolved matters are Members of the Scottish Parliament. MSP's. Scots members of the Westminster Government can't vote on matters devolved to the Scottish Parliament. Let's say that again just to be clear.

Scots MP's in Westminster can't vote on Holyrood matters. Just like their English counterparts.

Scots MP's in Westminster CAN vote on matters relating to Scotland which are not devolved. Just like their English counterparts.

What particularly SNP MP's have done is habitually abstain from any vote that doesn't have any effect in Scotland. They don't vote for instance on English only infrastructure spending. What Nicola Sturgeon has reiterated is that if there's a matter under consideration that has any effect on Scotland, directly or indirectly - through knock on effects to funding through The Barnett Formula for example, then SNP MP's will use their vote as democratically entitled to do. She's not saying that our MP's should have a vote on anything which has no impact on Scotland, although currently they are elected, as members of the house , to do so equally along with every other Member Of Parliament.

It's not a shockingly new policy. It's a reaffirming of what happens already.

Labour MP's are, both Scots and English, against any proposals as they have historically relied on their traditionally high numbers of Scots MP's to bolster up their English numbers. Tories, with usually an English majority want change for purely selfish ends. The two main parties are therefore infighting amongst themselves about  narrow self seeking party political ends, not for any moral high ground no matter what they say. Plus ca change eh-no?

But, if Scots MP's are going to have no say on anything which relates to England, even if there is a detrimental funding implications then that would be undemocratic. Unless of course Westminster would care to devolve all Scotland only powers to Holyrood. That would be fair. THat would be home rule/federalism/THE VOW delivered. Won't happen of course.

But, if English MP's insist on exclusivity of decisions affecting England even if there is a knock on effect then perhaps the reverse should be the case.

I wonder how English MP's would react if told to remove Trident nuclear weapons out of Scotland if that was the decision of Holyrood.

Does that feel comfortable chaps?

Do you understand now how lots of us have been feeling for the last 50 years then?

Porage anyone?

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  1. Hari OM
    ...ah, thanks mate... this actually helped me a bit, because despite my best efforts, was struggling to sort this particular one out myself - being used to a federal system as I am now!

    ...fabby music BTW... YAM xx


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