Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The best way to stop muddying waters?

While trying to find time to write about the row over Rifkind and Straw I see this.

Is there any part of our political system that wouldn't be improved by a healthy dose of integrity and clarity. Is everything arranged for personal or party advantage.

What a shower of gits.

George Osborne has a secret veto over large and potentially politically sensitive fraud investigations, The Independent has learnt.

Under a government agreement the Serious Fraud Office must get permission from the Treasury to launch any complex new inquiry which comes on top of its normal budget.

But controversially the Treasury can keep its decisions secret – potentially allowing it to veto politically sensitive fraud inquiries, either before or midway through an investigation, without public scrutiny.

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  1. Hari Om
    ...and further evidence of the 'underneath' per last week's discussion!!! It also shows that not even Scotland needs to worry but the oh-so-don't-leave-us English. Everyone who is not in the political system is being severely let down. It's a closed-ranks club... and bit by bit they are getting found out! MORE I say... YAM xx


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