Monday, 2 February 2015

Step Right Up.

Here we go again.

GORDON Brown and Jim Murphy will today unveil a new general election pledge to give Holyrood the power to top up and vary the UK’s state pension and welfare benefits.  {Scotsman newspaper}

Faced with poll after poll showing 'Scottish' Labour trailing some 20+ percentage points in the forthcoming elections for Westminster MP's, which is likely to mean a huge reduction in the number of Scottish MP's Labour here can send south to prop up the rest of the Labour Party, today the behemoth for Scotland that is Gordon Brown has heaved himself up and 'intervened' once again with a promise of 'VOW PLUS' if Labour are elected into UK Government.

What a typically cynical and self-serving ploy for votes. Some real desperation on display. After all it's not being offered because they think it's right for Scotland. Only because they feel they have to for the Labour Party.

Gordon Brown who was {labour}Prime Minister {but not elected as such since he 'inherited' the post from Tony Blair} makes a habit of seemingly coming out of nowhere to save Scotland from its misguided notions of free thought by dangling carrots of indeterminate size to be supplied at some notional future point by a third party. {See 'THE VOW'}

This usually portrayed in MSM {mainstream media} as an 'intervention' of heroic proportions {so brace yerselves!}


It's not and never has been a proper 'intervention' by Oor Gordon. {Intervention: Its origin is from the Latin intervenire, derived from inter- ‘between’ + venire ‘come’.}  It's a stupid {but perhaps deliberately loaded by MSM to increase gravitas and import} way to describe Gordon Brown’s participation in political debates. The man's been a professional politician for decades and is a sitting MP for the Labour Party, even though he describes himself as "an ex-MP", whose stated party policies are opposing independence.  This, like THE VOW, as a fellow blogger aptly put it, "is no more an “intervention” than accusing Wayne Rooney of “intervening” in a football match." He’s not any kind of external factor, which is never explained adequately in the press, it’s exactly what he’s supposed to be there to do all the time.  Gordon Brown is a backbench MP, an everyday combatant in the field of politics. Him doing his job is not an “intervention”, a shock move by some impartial statesman so struck by the arguments he’s abandoning a position of neutrality to issue unprecedented backing for one side or the other. He isn’t the Queen. {although she did intervene in the referendum as it transpires}

So Gordy steps back into the fray. This surely must be somewhat disconcerting to Jim Murphy, the recently elected leader of Scottish Labour.  { even though this is a deliberate misnomer and sleight of hand. There is no such thing. The 'Scottish Labour Party' can't exist other than asThe UK Labour Party in Scotland although you wouldn't hear that distinction as Big Jim trumpets the 'difference' between Scottish and UK Labour even though they are the same 'national party' legally and constitutionally. According to Jim, the last leader - who resigned saying Scotland is treated like a branch office and has to 'toe the line' - had it all wrong and he is completely independent up here. Ironic for a man who fought independence so hard during the referendum to bang on about its importance for Scotland so much so soon afterwards! Of course its only Scottish Labour that should be independent to best meet the needs of Scotland. Nothing else does.} After all, he's just been elected as the single unifying force to lead Labour to halt the haemorrhage of support and save it from annihilation in the forthcoming elections. He's been courted by media, particularly BBC TV, during this honeymoon period where he seems to appear every day talking softly and earnestly about this or that where Labour will no longer neglect its voters and take them for granted, or how they have changed and accept that they have to do that to represent the people of Scotland and then right in the middle of it steps up Gordon Brown.


So Daddy Brown steps up and says "Stand aside Jim. I know exactly what's needed. This is what you need to do. It's easy!  Even more 'more powers'. Again. Because we didn't give them quite enough more powers with THE VOW. We didn't get our input into The Smith Commission right. We need to bribe these fine voters with even more vague powers very soon - but only if you vote for us! That'll sort it out for you. After all, it worked last time."

Yes, the man in charge of Scotland must be very pleased right now. He's not good enough to deliver this message. He's not trusted enough, respected enough and he doesn't have enough integrity to deliver that message. He's not the man for that job. .

Now that's a strange message to be sending the voting public. Is Gordon Brown, good old GB to be wheeled out every time the shit appears to be hitting the fan. And Jim Murphy? Hasn't he been spending the last few weeks saying that the powers that are to come will represent THE VOW being over delivered and that we should leave that behind us and get over it and move on with other important stuff like accepting what else he has to say as if he's Moses come down from the mountain top.

It worked last time Gordon? Well look at the state of the place. There's rejection and discontent in almost every corner. Would you like to try and get it right second time?

Step right up and patronise even more of the electorate as well as undermine Labour's main man in da 'hood.

Lots of luck with that one.

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  1. Hari OM
    I can't help feeling ol' fella Broon is working at some inner machining with a view to some sort of coup in the foreseeable future, trying to set up the 'you cannot manage without me' scenario... what say ye? YAM xx


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